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17/04/2016 - League
Reddish villa 4 VS 3 L 17/04/16 11:15 3D Dynamos Blues
Man of the Match: Ethan
Goals Scored By: Bakker x1, Kieran x1, Dillon x1, Riley x1.
What a thrilling football match.

Start to finish this game had it all. Several long range goals. The crossbar had as much possession of the ball as the players. Some contentious decisions at either end. Cheers .. Tears (And they were just from the manager) some fantastic football and some not so desirable football. All in all it was a great game of football and most importantly an educational day for all involved.

Firstly we made many changes to the side which can go either way. We were only missing a few players. 1 of which was the team captain. We played players out of position and tried a few new ideas. The lads bought into it and gave everything they had.

3 of our 4 goals today were very special. 1 could go down as a keeper error but won us the match all the same. The first was a header from a corner. Bakker whacked his head against the ball whipped in from the corner flag, from within a tight cluster of players. This is not an easy skill and after a couple great performances in which he proved his worth with both his left and right foot, it was only fitting that he shows there are even more strings to his bow.

The second was a whollop from distances after Kieron (central defender) followed up on an opponents clearance, smashing the ball across goal, beyond the fully stretched goal keeper and in off the post. What a strike.!! Kieran has been very close to scoring the odd header in recent weeks. He worked hard in training on timing his runs, but today put his size 10 right boot (no your not misreading that and nor have I mistyped ... SIZE 10.!!) right through the ball sending the parents watching into a frenzy.

Dillon, coming back into the side after a couple of weeks away, has been sorely missed. He is a brilliant player who has adjusted his game and showed signs of becoming even greater. He also played out of position. Playing from a centre half position with the freedom to drift forward. He did that and launched a perfectly placed shot into the bottom corner for the third goal.

Lucas Riley added to his tally with a late winner. Coming in from the left and pushing the ball onto his stronger right foot, he managed 75% contact with the ball which was enough to push the ball over the line.

A very hard fought victory which we fully deserved. Ethan gave a lung busting performance up and down the right flank doing the job of a full back and a winger. His footwork is second to none as is his attitude. He is a very well mannered young man who a credit to his family. The lads love having him in the team and so do his managers. Thank you Ethan for a fantastic performance.

Everyone gave everything they had and I'm super proud of them.


13/03/2016 - U12'S Championship Sunday
Reddish villa u12 4 VS 0 West end boys club
Man of the Match: Lucas Riley
Goals Scored By: Riley x3, Jack x1
Walter White couldn't of produced the chemistry that these young Spartans displayed this week. Chemistry fuelled by belief led to a nice 4-0 victory that we fully deserved.

Firstly I must air an abundance of gratitude towards my wing man Dave "The Philosopher" Kitchen. He had a formation change in mind that he'd been inching to try and the week he puts it into practice for the first time , 4 goals to the good and a clean sheet. Plus his hard work,long phone calls, passion and desire are a telling tale of Daves feelings towards kids football. Plus 12 years of service to reddish villa as a club are there to be seen week in week out. My words, I'm sure, are spoken on behalf of the children, and the parents as well as myself.

The lads paid him back with a fantastic display. Front to back and each and everyone one of them. And they loved it out there. Some were played out of position but worked for the team. Everyone was amazing.

Lucas Riley is a credit to the team most weeks. His job is to score goals and sometimes we drift away from that and try to play him somewhere where he gets more of the ball. He was back in his rightful position upfront this week and whacked a hatrick in as his display of gratitude. And what a hatrick it was. When he's through on goal you expect him to score. But all 3 where lovely goals. One in particular where he curled a thunderbolt with the outside of his right boot from a tight angle was a dream of a goal. What a player, what a performance and what a hatrick. Man of the match for Riley on a day when it was there for everyone to reach out and take. Well done to Lucas.

I will conclude with 3 little thoughts for everyone.

Football is a simple game when the simple options are chosen.

Play to your strengths but work hard to improve your weaknesses.



21/02/2016 - U12'S Championship Sunday
Middleton Lads and Girls JFC U12'S 4 VS 2 Reddish Villa U12'S
Man of the Match: Mush and Liam
Goals Scored By: Mush X1, Lucas Riley X1.
That's is how you play football.!!

It's as if, at 11-12 years old, they heard ever word I said to them last week and put it into practice immediately the following week. Our wingers were defensive and helpful to the whole team! Mush stayed inside for the whole game! We defended our half and used the break when it was on. Had we of been more clinical in front of goal we would of won the game.

I must give credit to our opponents. In my opinion that's the best team we have played against. Thankfully we gave the performance of our lives and for the most part we matched them. They had 2-3 lads in the team who towered over our lads who were looking up at their 5 o'clock shadows without fear. They also had a girl who looked like she had a mortgage. It was like space jam vs loony toons.

Did we let that bother us?
Did we go into hiding and let them walk it?
Did we wither and shrink into a lower level of performance?
... Absolutely not.

Football was the winner today because I said to the team that the scoreline wasn't going decide whether we win or lost today. I would decide and would base that decision on how we approach the game.
We won by a walk over.

We passed the ball much better as a team and everyone did deserve some credit today. But due to alterations in their game I gave out 2 man of the matches.

Liam has a tendency to drift the wrong side of his marker and allowing them goal side. Today he didn't do that. He used power and strength that I didn't know he had. Pressing the ball and making tackles at the first touch of his counterpart. Playing simple passes down the line then finding the next space and asking for the return... Confidence. Most importantly for he knew he was playing well. He enjoyed every second of marking, easily his toughest, and tallest opponent to date. Great to see Liam playing in that atmosphere of believe in his own ability. Man of the match #1.

Mush spends far to much time offside. I have been telling him time and again but it has finally clicked. He got his goal by being right on the shoulder of the last defender and timing his run. He didn't get called offside once but also read to game and covered when a winger had travelled beyond him and lost possession. Dropping in and making tackles when needed and making lung busting runs to chase every lost cause. Man of the match #2.

Well done to all a truly fantastic performance.


13/02/2016 - Paul hett trophy
Reddish villa U12 2 VS 3 Stockport junior blues U12
Man of the Match: Joshy
Goals Scored By: Josh Sangster X1, Lucas Riley X1
Reddish Villa U12'S
2 - 3
Stockport Junior Blues U12s

The score line is deceiving here, and not in the favour of our opponents. We didn't deserve to only lose by one goal. In my opinion it was our worst performance.

When we had the ball we were on a solo mission to win the game alone as an individual by making no attempts to pass the ball and, instead opting to try to take the whole team on.

Today was a step back against a team whom we should be beating. We tried a back 4 instead of a back 3 in the first half. We score every week and we concede a lot of goals through the middle of the pitch. This is due to Kieron being alone in the heart of defence. Although this did work as regards to Kieron looking less exposed, one of our fullbacks decided to play as a striker instead. Making Dylan drop out of his midfield position to cover the right back position. Then again we became exposed through the middle. When we did string a few passes together and got forward we were off side.

The only silver lining was Josh's performance which, of late is what we are becoming used to seeing. He passes the ball well, certainly now that he is putting more power into his passing. But his skill is of a very high standard. His decision making is prioritised correctly and way beyond his years. It was just unfortunate today that everybody else's performance level wasn't quite up to the same standard.

Back to the drawing board today. Huge huge huge game next week.


07/02/2016 - U12'S Championship Sunday
SK Olympic Blacks JFC U12'S 0 VS 2 Reddish villa U12
Man of the Match: Josh Sangster
Goals Scored By: Ol X1, Euan X1.
Football is a simple game when you allow it to be. Don't try to be a world beater just let the ball do the work for you. This leaves your opponents chasing around after a ball that's quicker than them and getting tired.
We did that today.

We could of been better at times. But we did ourselves proud and got the 3 points.

The 2 goals were great build up play between Ol and Euan down the left side. Pace in possession and clinical passing to set up the goals. One assisting the other and then a role reversal as if the thank each other for the first goal.

Josh Sangster has become the backbone of the team not just in training but in the matches too. His vision, skill and passing ability, but also his decision making of when to use each of his attributes, putting passing first and skill as last resort to get out of trouble. Wisdom beyond his years.

Well done all.


31/01/2016 - U12'S Championship Sunday
Reddish Villa U12'S 2 VS 4 Mossley Juniors Blacks U12'S
Man of the Match: Josh Sangster
Goals Scored By: Lucas Riley x2
Well we had 4 substitutes so a lot of players in attendance with only 2 players missing. It was hard to make substitutions with the game being slightly balanced in our favour but we managed to give everyone a game (just about!).

Our performance levels are still increasing. Last week we were 110% first half and an 80% second half. This week we fought to the very end. It was not a true reflection on the game having lost 4-2 although we can learn from our small errors.

The first 15 minutes we were playing the better football. A good passing game and individual talent both on show. Our opponents had 2 shots on goal and scored both. Luke (our stand in goal keeper whilst Lewis recovers from an ankle injury) took that fact badly. But all of us are all very grateful to Luke for having the courage to put the gloves on for us. Especially in the absence of somebody like Lewis, who is such an important player for the team.

Riley scored a brace today, but not just any brace! The first was immediately after Mossley’s opener. After some great football in the build up riley shimmied left whilst allowing the ball to cross his path on to his favoured right foot. Then ... BANG ... Let rip across the goal into the top left hand corner.!! I couldn’t contain myself after witnessing that screamer. But then his second goal matched the first with a sublime flick over the keeper. A lovely little knock with such accuracy and brought us back to 2-2.

Josh Sangster took ‘man of the match’ by a hair today. He is taking to the transition from attack to defence better than anyone else is and it is proving to be a huge influence in preventing goals against us. He needs 1 or 2 of his team mates to assist him in getting back and battling to win back possession. He grafted and grafted all over the park. His twists and turns, his passing game, his engine and his passion were second to none for the third time in a row including training. When your striker scores and fantastic brace and you nick this award your definitely doing something right. Well done Josh.... keep it up.

All in all we were the better team in possession today and defeat was hard to chew (again). At least we are not getting walked all over and losing games because we are not good enough. Also we are making little costly mistakes that we can rectify quite easily and learn from (from a coaching prospective that’s a good thing). Going forward we are very good and we are now creating a few more chances than before. We still need to work on transition from attack to defence and set pieces. Set pieces have been difficult to work on with only 8 or so players at training.

On another note; We have a squad of players that we can start to rotate based on all the factors we haven’t yet had available in abundance. Starting line-ups and substitutions are usually made with certain things in mind such as; talent, position, behaviour, attendance, fitness levels, attributes, mentality, passion ...(this is a never ending list).. etc. All of these things come into play much more now with us having taken on 2 more very good players and another coming back after a little time away from the team. We have a squad with potentially 6 substitutes if everyone is in attendance.


13/12/2015 - U12'S Championship Sunday
Reddish Villa U12'S 3 VS 3 Heyside Juniors U12'S
Man of the Match: Euan Wain
Goals Scored By: Mush, Euan, Josh
Another wet and cold Sunday morning awaited the U12’s this week. It seemed we had a hangover from all the extra effort we put in last week as we started the first half very sluggish. Lucas put us ahead early in the half against the run of play but our sluggish play would cost us as they soon equalised. The half ebbed and flowed and Euan put us ahead again only for them to break away and equalise once more.

Villa came out for the second half with more fight in their belly and dominated the opposition for most of the second half. Euan’s Man of the Match performance caused them lots of problems down the flanks but somehow the ball would not run for us. That lady luck was not on our side was evident when they took the lead through a deflected shot.

The progress this team have made over the last few months shone through as their heads did not drop and they doubled their efforts. This was rewarded with a deserved equaliser by Josh. We kept the pressure on right until the end and lady luck once again looked the other way when somehow after a goalmouth scramble they managed to hook the ball clear and the game ended in a draw.

Well done lads, keep up the hard work.


06/12/2015 - U12'S Championship Sunday
Dukinfield Youth Whites U12'S 2 VS 1 Reddish Villa U12'S
Man of the Match: Lewis Van Deursen
Goals Scored By: Lucas Riley
Absolutely gutted for these lads.!!

Since the final whistle (2 days ago) Iv been searching for words to express how this match went. Iv decided there aren't any so this will have to do.

A committed performance from the whole squad was required when we turned up to play top of the league. That's exactly what we got.

It pains me to think that our goal keeper Lewis, had to pick the ball out of his net twice after the performance he put in. Especially when I asked him (bare in mind he is 11 years old) to change everything he is used to doing, midway through the first half. He was absolutely incredible.

As were the the rest of the squad and, even in defeat, I'm bursting with pride. The lads didn't let there opposition settle in possession. They pressed all over the pitch and every single member of the squad gave a lung busting performance. They were all winners in my eyes and I know that Dave Kitch felt the same way.

Technically (regarding points on the board) that's 2 losses in 2 matches against 1st and 2nd place. But this week felt different. The lads were hurt by this loss. In my opinion it seemed to hurt more so than the previous week. They are beginning to believe in their ability. And that's not credit to me, I feel that this may have been building since before I got involved. But it's a growing belief week on week.

I'm not going to give much of an insight into the events of the game because I don't feel the reminders will help the progression of the team when they read this. They need to keep this strong mentality that is flooding through them.

All I need to say is this. If each and everyone of the lads continues in this manner they could win it all.

.... Watch this space.


29/11/2015 - U12'S Championship Sunday
Reddish Villa U12'S 0 VS 2 Chadderton Park Dragons U12'S
Man of the Match: Thomas Shard
Goals Scored By:
Well pride is an understatement.!!

Windy wet and cold with a load more wind thrown in. The Villa boys were the stronger side from the off. The lads knew we would be given a bigger test than previous weeks and on the whole they raised their game. For the most part the game could of gone either way with chances at both ends and throughout the game both keepers were tested.

The first half saw end to end football with some nice stuff from both teams. The goal that took the Dragons into the lead was a wonderful strike from mother nature.! The wind had put more force behind the ball than the original strike from the player. This sending the ball into the back of our net against the run of play. In the first half the Dragons had 3 shots on goal. one forced a straight forward save for Lewis but the third shot led to Dragons second goal. Unfortunately we could of done better to prevent the goal as a team but in all fairness to the Dragons it was a nice tidy low placed cross and a one touch finish from the oncoming striker - 2-0.

No goals in the second half. Lewis made a fantastic double save for Villa in the later stages of the second half and we played ok in nightmare conditions. End to end football again and an enjoyable game to watch. Liam had a couple of chances and Dylan forced a great save with a thunderous strike from outside the area. Ol made some fantastic runs from left back and won us a few corners. There were 4 injury scares for Villa throughout the second half which included Euan, Kieron, Shardy and Luke. Plus other players asking for a rest. This showing the effort they brought to this game. Dylan and josh having to battle for possession in midfield and kano carrying the same mantle when he took the role on. Lucas had to drop deeper and deeper to help the midfield and then make lung-busting runs to get back forward. Unfortunately this left him offside on 2 occasions of which he look set through on goal.

Shardy had to be on his game from the first minute. The opposition offered him a tough test and he grabbed every opportunity to show his worth. He reads the game at a level way beyond his years.! It was a tough decision this week but he claimed the man of the match due to his consistent performance level from beginning to end.


22/11/2015 - Championship/League
Heyside 1 VS 3 Reddish Villa JFC U12's
Man of the Match: Dylan McKenna
Goals Scored By: Dylan McKenna x2, Ewan Thomas
We have been working on possession and communication over the last few weeks. This transferred into the game for the most part. There were times where it could of been better, certainly with regards to possession football, but on the whole we controlled possession and, in turn, controlled the game.

Football is an easy game when you let the ball do the work. This is something we will work hard to install into this, already fantastic team.

In the first half there were moments where we needed the back 4 to be at top level. They were and each of them read the game excellently. We had the stronger team from beginning to end but Heyside had their moments too. Going forward we were working together nicely. Great passing and some nice runs. The skills and turns were well timed and in the right areas which helped to put heyside under pressure without putting ourselves in danger.

Winning the game by playing good football is what we want every week. The epitome of this was clearly on display for the 3rd goal. The link up play in the build up was fantastic. 1 and 2 touch passing and movement led to us pulling Heyside’s defensive out of shape. This led to holes that the lads exposed and took advantage of perfectly. A nice classy finish tucked to within an inch of the post was just what the move deserved. A great team goal from back to front.

All in all it was a good win against good opposition and hopefully we can continue playing simple football and dominating possession as a unit.

I must mention the spirit of the lads. They clearly have a good strong bond and that team spirit cannot be taught, but really helps to achieve full potential.

..... Well done all.


08/11/2015 - EMJL
Chadderton Juniors FC Reds U12'S 4 VS 1 Reddish Villa U12'S
Man of the Match: Lewis van Deursen
Goals Scored By: AJ (1)
Rocky, Jaws, Blues Brothers, Grease – all films where the sequel was terrible and this game (the sequel to our cup game last week) was a shocker too!

The early stage of the first half was a tight affair with Chadderton Juniors FC creating the most chances. Some excellent work from our keeper, Lewis kept the game at 0-0. Midway through the first half they made the breakthrough to make it 0-1. We kept plugging away and held on to keep it at 0-1 and half time.

Half-Time 0-1

We seemed to stand off them and give them space to have several bites of the cherry to make a pass or shoot and we were 0-2 down. Despite this somehow we managed to get a lifeline in the game when AJ scored to make it 1-2. Lewis, with a Man of The Match performance continued to keep us in the game with some great saves.
However, all the hard work and mental strength we have shown as a team over the last few weeks was quickly forgotten and it cost us as they made it 1-3.
When the keeper held onto AJ’s legs when he was through on goal; a definite penalty; but bizarrely not given by the referee we knew we were up against it. We were punished further when they scored as most of our team stood and watched. 1-4

Full-Time 1-4

Come on Lads!


01/11/2015 - PRIMARY CUP 2015 - 2016
Reddish Villa U12'S 2 VS 2 Chadderton Juniors FC Reds U12'S
Man of the Match: Thomas Shard
Goals Scored By: OG (1), Euan (1) Chadderton Juniors won 3-2 on penalties
Chelsea (still just about) have the ‘Special One’, Liverpool have the ‘Normal One’ and Reddish Villa U12’s have the ‘Calm One’.

A cup-tie was waiting for the Villa today against Chadderton Juniors FC Reds U12'S. A tight game ensued as both teams were equally matched although we created more chances throughout the first half. Their defence held solid as Lucas desperately tried to find the back of the net but luck wasn’t on his side. A great performance from our midfield and defence limited Chadderton Juniors to one shot on goal for most of the first half. With only their real first shot on goal they managed to score to make it 0-1.

Showing great spirit once again our heads never dropped and we pushed harder for an equalizer which came right on half time. After our attack broke down we kept the pressure on them resulting in their defender slicing his clearance into his own net. 1-1

Half-Time 1-1

The second half was well contested with Thomas Shard having a Man of the Match performance constantly tackling and getting stuck in to prevent them having any real shots on goal. Pressure was building on the Chadderton goal throughout this half with a chances being spurned aplenty. Villa made the breakthrough half way through the half with Euan stretching his legs to score. 2-1

With 10 minutes to go Chadderton whipped in a contested free kick (awarded for a non-tackle!!) and they scored the equalizer. 2-2. A late free kick for Villa saw Kieran narrowly miss just sending it over the bar. The next goal was going to be the winner and both teams tried to make the decisive break through but the ref finally blew and ended the game. 2-2.

So it was penalties to see who would go through to the next round. Reddish Villa had no shortage of willing volunteers to step up to the mark and take a penalty.
Unfortunately, we were unlucky and lost the shootout 2-3.

We win as a team and we lose as a team.

Well Done Lads!


25/10/2015 - EMJL
SK Olympic Blacks JFC U12'S 1 VS 2 Reddish Villa U12'S
Man of the Match: Oliver Pollock
Goals Scored By: Lucas (1), AJ (1)
Wow is one way to describe today another is first class.

Another tough fixture awaited us this week against a team higher in the league and as last week we continued our excellent form to give them a game of football they were not expecting.

It was a very tight game with Villa edging the possession but not really testing their goalkeeper. Despite this we limited SK Olympic Blacks JFC U12'S to very few chances and rare break from them resulted in a fine save from Lewis but they reacted quicker to put the loose ball in the net. 0-1

With great support from the crowd and their new belief and mental resolve Villa never let their heads drop and pressed on to try and get the equaliser. Defensively we were solid, marshalled by Kieran in the middle with Oliver and Thomas on the flanks. Midfield worked their socks off supporting both our defence and our striker. Another break from SK Olympic Blacks produced a world class save from Lewis pushing the ball onto the woodwork.

Half-Time 0-1

From the off in the second half it was business as usual as we kept it tight and pushed for the equaliser. Defensively again we were excellent with a Man of the Match performance from Oliver who was mopping up everything down the left flank and showing that bit of aggression when needed. Villa’s effort was rewarded when Lucas swivelled and turned an excellent shot over his shoulder to equalise. 1-1.

You could see the shock on the oppositions faces when they finally realised they were in a game of football and this was compounded when they hacked down Josh when through on Goal. With a cool head AJ slotted the resultant penalty away and Villa deservedly took the lead. 2-1.

10 minutes left to play and to dig in for the result. Lewis made a fine save tipping a dipping shot over the crossbar and an excellent finger tip save pushing another one onto the woodwork. Defensively we were frustrating them and their big centre forward was getting annoyed and losing focus quickly followed by more of their team arguing with the ref. We were winning the mental battle on the pitch as well as the football game. A fine save from their keeper prevented us from making it 3 and giving us some breathing space.
Final result 2-1.

Well Done Lads!


18/10/2015 - EMJL
West End Boys Club Blacks U12'S 2 VS 2 Reddish Villa U12'S
Man of the Match: Joshua Sangster
Goals Scored By: Lucas (1), Jayden (1)
A tough fixture against the team currently 3rd in the league awaited us this weekend. However, the league positions did not reflect the progress Reddish Villa has made over the last few weeks. A fantastic start once again, putting the opposition under pressure with great play down our left flank. Oliver, Euan and Lucas linking up to great effect. Of course for this to be effective the midfield needed to be solid and Dylan and Josh were solid in the middle supported by Jayden and Euan tucking in when needed. Following on from last week Kieran was solid in the centre of defence along side Thomas and Oliver. The set up and understanding between the players is starting to show and the hard work paying off as Lucas put us 1-0 up. Jayden sent in excellent corners throughout the first half and we were unlucky not to extend our lead. On the stroke of half-time after a save from Lewis the ball pinged around the goal mouth and an unfortunate rebound off one of our player presented West End Boys Club Blacks with only their second attempt on goal. 1-1

Despite this set back, the improving self belief and character of strength was evident from the start of the second half as our heads never dropped and we carried on as we started the first half. Josh continued to command the midfield, putting in a Man of the Match performance. Midway through the second half we had a contender for Goal of the Month when Jayden deftly curled in a goal from a corner! 2-1 to the Villa.

Lots of chances were created and their goal lived a charmed life once again as we just could not get the third goal to kill off the game. West End Boys Club Blacks started to push and put us under pressure for the last 5 minutes of the game but we remained resolute. A strange decision by the referee to award a free kick just outside the penalty area gave the opposition a rare chance at our goal. A curler around our wall was tipped onto the underside of the bar by Lewis and unluckily dropped back down behind the line. 2-2.

The never say never and can do spirit was evident as we attacked their goal again only to see the bottom of the goalpost come to their saviour as Euan’s shot hit the woodwork. Final Score 2-2

That the team were gutted to only draw the game against the team third in the league is the measure of progress this team is making. Well Done Lads.


11/10/2015 - PRIMARY CUP 2015 - 2016
Reddish Villa U12'S 2 VS 1 Denton Youth Yellows U12'S
Man of the Match: Kieran Moran
Goals Scored By: Lucas (1), AJ (1)
Another great result from the team reflecting their new attitude and hard work. From the off we put the opposition under immense pressure and were soon rewarded with an excellent goal from Lucas. Despite causing lots problems for their defence with some excellent running and link up play between Lucas and Ewan the second goal just would not come. The charmed existence of Denton Youth Yellows goal did not extend to us and somehow they equalized to make the score 1-1.
The team showed great mental strength and did not let their heads drop and continued to press and caused the opposition lots of problems. A fine triple save from Lewis prevented Denton from taking the lead. The lucky charm protecting Denton’s goal was still working, as a perfectly good Reddish Villa goal was not given when their goalkeeper took the ball over the line.
Half-Time 1-1
Villa started the second half strongly and continued to look for the second goal but that lucky charm was thwarting our efforts. Denton were starting to pressure us at the back but Kieran’s Man of the Match performance would not let their big centre half get a sniff at goal. A fully deserved MOTM performance heading and clearing everything that came his way. We continued to press and defend well and the hard work paid off as AJ scored to give us the lead. Everyone was now putting in a shift to try and score again whilst keeping our shape to prevent them scoring. Denton started to throw everything at us including their goalkeeper coming up to take free kicks. Another great save from Lewis kept the score at 2-1 and a final attack from Denton came to nothing and the referee ended the game.
Hard work, mental strength and commitment is the way forward and we showed that today. Well-done lads.


04/10/2015 - EMJF
Reddish Villa U12's 6 VS 3 Stockport Jnr Blues
Man of the Match: Lewis Van Deursen
Goals Scored By: Lucas Riley 2. Joshua Sangster 2. Jayden Dawson 1. AJ 1.
Today was a start of a new era for this team as they are under new guidance from myself, John Dickinson and the ever reliable Rob Shard. Right from the start we could see a new attitude and effort with an early goal. Again the attitude was tested when our opponents equalized but no heads dropped. It stayed 1-1 for a large period of the game and we showed great teamwork and support, with that new effort we pulled out in front to make it 3-1. When Stockport scored their 2nd goal it put us under the spotlight again for our attitude and effort. The lads seemed to see that there is a reward for hard work as we pulled further in front to make it 5-2. The final result of 6-3 was a reward for all of the listed positives. It was hard to pick a MOTM because everyone performed so well but it was awarded to our keeper Lewis for a fine performance and some vital saves. Well done everyone


04/01/2014 - EMJFL
Glossop NE 5 VS 2 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Ewan
Goals Scored By: James & Luke G
What a great game of football, from start to finish you played really well, bit slow but really well. Never mind, to concede 5 against them was good it could have been a lot more. Well played boys.


04/01/2014 - EMJFL
Glossop NE 1 VS 1 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Aj
Goals Scored By: Lucas Riley
Through sear determination Aj won MOTM, played for went out for and challenged everything. Played to win right up to the end, but 1 against 5 never would work. Well done though boys, outstanding game of football.


07/12/2013 - EMJFL Championship Cup
Reddish Villa 1 VS 4 Stalybridge Jnr Blues
Man of the Match: Luke Garner
Goals Scored By: Jayden
When you turn it on fellas you really turn it on, all it takes is that switch in your heads, if you keep your heads up, looking for the pass, then move the ball, you'll never get caught. Great game last 15mins, well played fellas. Luke, all it takes to get to it is being a bit more positive about yourself in football, you showed you can do it, keep it up.
Ben WOW, you played your socks off yet again, impressed? very much so.


Reddish Villa 1 VS 5 Stalybridge Jnr Blues
Man of the Match: Euin
Goals Scored By: Euin
And what a goal, even the ref was surprised at that one. Great effort boys, we can only came back after the holidays and be stronger.
Ben you always make the great ones count, it's the easy ones that get there, and you know they shouldn't. It's a credit to you that you play as good as you do, keep it up (out).


16/11/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa 3 VS 3 Chadderton FCJnr Reds
Man of the Match: James R
Goals Scored By: Luke (2) Jayden 1
James Reynolds played his socks off and by far his best game, well done James the captains band is yours yet again. Luke, what can one say? WOW, back to back goals from a definite defender, well you certainly showed us. You had a cracking game. Jayden your goal was class, we didn't even realise it was in till you turned, you were in defence position and took your time took the shot and got one in, well done to both of you for a great game of football. Please keep it up.


16/11/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa 4 VS 0 Chadderton FCJnr Reds
Man of the Match: Kane
Goals Scored By: Darren (2) Aj (2)
Mogo as captain, what could go wrong, and thanks to his strong determination as captain, he carried the game along nicely, letting the two upfront do their job, shouting and making sure he was heard time and again, and with a great result under his captains badge.


09/11/2013 - EMJFL CUP
Curzon Ashton 13 VS 1 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match:
Goals Scored By:
predicted but still disappointed at result. Good luck in the nest round, beaten hands down. We'll have another shot, no shame in the game, just a shame the goals wouldn't come.


26/10/2013 - EMJFL
AFC Stanley 1 VS 5 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Mogo
Goals Scored By: Mogo (3) James 1 Aj 1
Mogo got his hat-trick well done you, man of the match well deserved. Great come back in the 2nd match, a great game to watch.


26/10/2013 - EMJFL
AFC Stanley 5 VS 2 Reddish
Man of the Match: Jayden
Goals Scored By: Darren (2)
Did what was asked of you, the passing and moving is coming on better.


19/10/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Vulcans 9 VS 0 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Oliver
Goals Scored By:
Disappointing, no defence, no tracking back, talking to each other really does help.
Need to keep your heads up boys, you can't show defeat too soon that's why they walked all over you, plus they played outstanding football.


19/10/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Vulcans 3 VS 3 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Luke
Goals Scored By: Jayden (2) Lucas Riley 1
Luke played a great game, tracked back, defended and made the game a better game to watch.
Jayden and Lucas R both scored their firsts, though Jayden decided to add another. What cracking goals from the two new guys. Keep your heads up lads your gonna need to.


12/10/2013 - PRIMARY CUP
Ardwick JFC 2 VS 1 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Ben Moss
Goals Scored By: James Reynolds
Thanks to James we stayed in the cup and took it to penalties.
Ben what can anyone say but WOW, what a goalie.
A fantastic game to watch, even with our eyes closed.
Thanks boys for another breath taking performance all the way to the back of the net.


12/10/2013 - PRIMARY CUP
Ardwick JFC 1 VS 2 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Oliver
Goals Scored By: Alic & Darren
Great 1st game, played for and held on to the win. Daz's free kick was a diamond goal, and Aj's goal was gifted. A wins a win lads, theres no taking that away from you unlike the goal posts that just kept getting in the way, Aj's shots bounced off um 3 times alone.


05/10/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa 1 VS 4 Stalybridge CJB
Man of the Match: Luke Garner
Goals Scored By: Thomas Shard
Played like you meant it lads, well done to you all.


05/10/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa 1 VS 6 Stalybridge CJB
Man of the Match: Jack Clarke
Goals Scored By: Jack Clarke
Tough game, injuries puts a lot of people off doing that bit more.


28/09/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa 2 VS 1 Platt Lane City
Man of the Match: Jack
Goals Scored By: Jack & Kyle (Mogo)


28/09/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa 0 VS 5 Platt Lane City
Man of the Match: Kane
Goals Scored By:


21/09/2013 - EMJLF
Mossley Juniors 1 VS 0 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Ben Moss & AJ
Goals Scored By:


21/09/2013 - EMJFL
Mossley Jnrs 0 VS 2 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Darren
Goals Scored By: Darren & James


14/09/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa 1 VS 2 Stalybridge Whites
Man of the Match: Jack Clarke
Goals Scored By: James Reynolds
Man down and still a fantastic performance by the boys, they played as a team getting all the moves and plays perfect, the goals just wouldn't come though, but it was a hard fought loss, no shame in that one lads, you all played like the top team you are.


14/09/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa 8 VS 0 Stalybridge Whites
Man of the Match: AJ
Goals Scored By: AJ (4), Shardy (2), Daz 1, Kaneo 1.
Class football, every goal was played for every chance taken, what a difference a team makes. They played the field, used the field and won hands down, well done lads superb match to watch.


07/09/2013 - EMJFL
Chadderton Park 3 VS 5 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Kyle & Jack
Goals Scored By: Alic & Jack
Cracking start to the season, an absolute pleasure to watch.


27/04/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa A 3 VS 1 F C Sports A
Man of the Match: Cody & Tommy
Goals Scored By: Cody, Birdy & Aj
Could have been alot higher in the goal scoring, played for and won, alittle scrappy but best part of the match was the second half.


27/04/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa B 3 VS 4 F C Sports B
Man of the Match: Dom & Daz
Goals Scored By: Daz, Dom & Zac
Letting the opposition in means you loose, stop giving the chances away. Play the ball, the goals will follow.


20/04/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa A 0 VS 2 Curzon Ashton
Man of the Match: Aj & Kaneo
Goals Scored By: Curzon
Hard works pays off boys, need to watch the bouces, keep it up lads.


20/04/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa B 1 VS 1 Curzon Ashton B
Man of the Match: Oli & Tommy
Goals Scored By: Tommy Gun
Need to be stronger in defense, defend, defend, defend, unlucky result, played well.


13/04/2013 - EMJFL
Duckinfield B 1 VS 2 Reddish Villa B
Man of the Match: Cody & Isaac
Goals Scored By: Cody & Mogo
Enjoyed watching both matches, enjoyed this one alittle more, well done the B team, and well done to Birdy on your first win as Captain.


13/04/2013 - EMJFL
Duckinfield A 0 VS 0 Reddish Villa A
Man of the Match: Billy & Zak
Goals Scored By:
Very well played game, the post just kept getting in the way, lots of chances taken, by both sides and none paid off, thats why it was a cracking game to watch.
Well done lads


06/04/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa B 3 VS 1 Denton Youth Blues B
Man of the Match: Mogo & Ben P
Goals Scored By: Tommy, Huey & Cody
Very well played match. bit sloppy in parts, but thanks for putting a great game in even with all the changes. Played very well as a team.


06/04/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa A 3 VS 0 Denton Youth Blues A
Man of the Match: Billy & Addz
Goals Scored By: Daz got 2 and CK got 1
Good game to watch, played well even with all the changes, thanks for putting in a good game boys


16/03/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa B 3 VS 1 Marple B
Man of the Match: Daz & Mogo
Goals Scored By: Aj, Daz & Cody
Daz gets the goal of the season, what a shot. All the 1 2's paid off and the pass and move has done you well, be proud of todays performance all of you, great game to win and a well deserved win. Thanks Steve for MOTM.


16/03/2013 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa A 0 VS 1 Marple A
Man of the Match: CK & Birdy
Goals Scored By:
Thanks Chris for your MOTM, Team, we need to step up and play more football, missing alot of the shots on and having a better attack didn't score anything today, though the football was great.


23/02/2013 - EMJFL
Viper Whites A 1 VS 1 Reddish Villa A
Man of the Match: Ben Moss & Billy
Goals Scored By: Dominic
Well faught game, kept the pressure with the lead early on all the game. Billy moved the ball every where there was no stopping you today son. Well done for being the first to open the score.


23/02/2013 - EMJFL
Viper Whites B 2 VS 3 Reddish Villa B
Man of the Match: Aj & Oliver
Goals Scored By: Mogo 1, Aj 1, Isaac 1
Playing as a team gets results and thats what we had today a great result. Mogo opened his score card with the first goal his first league goal. Aj followed it up with a well battled second, and Isaac sealed the game with his first league goal.


16/02/2013 - EMJFL CUP
Marple B 0 VS 2 Reddish Villa B
Man of the Match: Oliver & Cody
Goals Scored By: Kane (2)
Great football played and everyone enjoyed watching it. Cody setting up both Kaneos goals and getting MOTM in return. Need the rise of the B team to continue right into the final. Thanks Steve & David for picking MOTM.


16/02/2013 - EMJFL CUP
Marple 1 VS 3 Reddish Villa
Man of the Match: Will & Calean
Goals Scored By: Zac, Will and Calean
Great match to get us through to the final again. Stop letting the opposition get round the back of us and it'll be wins all the way. Thanks to Scott and Debbie for MOTM.


09/02/2013 - EMJFL
Manchester Corinthians B 3 VS 2 Reddish Villa B
Man of the Match: Ben P & Oliver
Goals Scored By: Huey 1 & Aj 1
battled back and performed really well nearer the end, should have won but for the sloppy defending mistake. Played hard, keep it up. Thanks Rob & Chris for MOTM


09/02/2013 - EMJFL
Manchester Corinthians A 1 VS 2 Reddish Villa A
Man of the Match: Caelan & Dom
Goals Scored By: Zak 1 & Caelan 1
Superb football, positioning, defending, a well deserved win boys. Thanks Birdy Snr & Birdy Jnr for MOTM


02/02/2013 - EMJFL
Chadderton B 2 VS 2 Reddish Villa B
Man of the Match: Huey & Ben Moss
Goals Scored By: Aj & Daz
Cannot let them get the better of us at the back. Very well done Huey, you changed the game when you came on, great game to watch. Daz that free kick was fab, well done and welcome back to the scoring line lads.


02/02/2013 - EMJFL
Chadderton A 0 VS 4 Reddish Villa A
Man of the Match: Addz & Birdy
Goals Scored By: Will (2), Billy 1 & Cealan 1
Great start to the new year, keep up the hard work boys. Though conditions but battled well. Great game to watch.


12/01/2013 - EMJFL
Delamere B 3 VS 2 Reddish Villa B
Man of the Match: Daz & Dominic
Goals Scored By: Aj 1 & Dominic 1
Keeping your heads up and moving the ball is improving, need to try alittle harder in defense but a very good game to watch. thanks Andy for MOTM


12/01/2013 - EMJFL
Delamere A 3 VS 2 Reddish Villa A
Man of the Match: Billy & Birdy
Goals Scored By: Cody 1, Zac 1.
Cody what an outstanding match you had, opening the play, moving the ball. Better football boys, always room to improve though. Thanks to Mark for MOTM.


22/12/2012 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa B 2 VS 1 The Viper Whites
Man of the Match: everyone
Goals Scored By: Tommy Gun 2
2 great goals, deserved more, hard game and played very good football, keep up the goals boys.


22/12/2012 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa A 0 VS 2 The Viper Whites
Man of the Match: everyone
Goals Scored By:
Hampered by the terrible conditions, but a cracking game of football. early injuries can be a downer, though to play on as you did you should be very proud, as we are of the team.


15/12/2012 - EMJFL
Curzan Ashton A 1 VS 1 Reddish Villa A
Man of the Match:
Goals Scored By: Cody
Not very sportsman like. Needed to be reminded of the rules. Unfortunately we didn't win, alot of chances but just not there on the day.


15/12/2012 - EMJFL
Curzan Ashton B 0 VS 0 Reddish Villa B
Man of the Match:
Goals Scored By:
Great match to watch, held to 0-0 which is always a good score.


08/12/2012 - EMJFL
Mcr Corinthians B 2 VS 1 Reddish Villa B
Man of the Match:
Goals Scored By: Huey
Could have either way, hard and very well played game. Well done lads.


08/12/2012 - EMJFL
Mcr Corinthians A 1 VS 0 Reddish Villa A
Man of the Match:
Goals Scored By:
Good match, hard match, you've really got to want it to have it. Well done though.


01/12/2012 - Primary Cup 2012/13
Curzon Ashton B 2 VS 1 Reddish Villa B
Man of the Match: Oliver & Tommy
Goals Scored By: Dominic
Proud of all the boys, very good game, could have gone either way. Lumpy (Oli) didn't even realise he was injured, Dominic went for and got his 1st goal of the season and what a goal, what a player.


01/12/2012 - Primary Cup 2012/13
Curzon Ashton A 0 VS 0 Reddish Villa A
Man of the Match: Liam & Adam
Goals Scored By:
A proper game of football. battled all the way. A very good match to watch evenly matched teams with evenly matched determination.


24/11/2012 - Primary Cup 12/13
Reddish Villa B 0 VS 2 West End B
Man of the Match: Ben M + Mogo
Goals Scored By:
Dissapointing result 1st lose for the B team, keep your chin up boys theres better football to come.


24/11/2012 - Primary Cup 12/13
Reddish Villa A 8 VS 1 West End A
Man of the Match: Kane + Cody
Goals Scored By: Cody 3, Caelan 3, Billy 1, Birdy 1
Fantastic game of football. pass and move worked great for the boys. keep it up boys.


17/11/2012 - EMJFL
Reddish B 1 VS 0 Duckingfiled Youth
Man of the Match: Dominic + Huey
Goals Scored By: Oliver
Great game, a battle all the way, great set up for the early goal and well led from the start. great game boys.


17/11/2012 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa A 2 VS 1 Duckinfield Youth A
Man of the Match: Birdy + Caelan
Goals Scored By: Razzle Dazzle
Hard fought win, cracking game from start to finish. Well done boys


10/11/2012 - Primary Cup 12/13
Denton Youth Blues B 0 VS 1 Reddish Villa B
Man of the Match: Tommy + Ben P
Goals Scored By: Zac
Proud to the bones of all of the players, you battled and played a fantastic game of football. well done boys bring it on.


10/11/2012 - Primary Cup 12/13
Denton Youth Blues A 3 VS 3 Reddish Villa A
Man of the Match: Billy + Isaac
Goals Scored By: Billy 2 + Daz 1
Fabulous football boys, played with alot of heart, couldn't have asked for better.


03/11/2012 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa B 3 VS 1 Denton Youth Blues B
Man of the Match: Aj + Daz
Goals Scored By: Aj 2, + Daz
Daz got his mojo back. great game of football, playing the field wide open. Aj's penalty was football perfect. this team are a team, never letting up and attacking all the way, well done lads.


03/11/2012 - EMJFL
Reddish Villa A 3 VS 1 Denton Youth Blues A
Man of the Match: Cody + Adam
Goals Scored By: Cody 1, Billy 2
Great finishing. played a very good game of football, attacking all the way. well deserved win boys.


27/10/2012 - EMJFL
reddish b 2 VS 1 delamere rangers b
Man of the Match: Ben M, Ben P + Dominic
Goals Scored By: Zac + Oli
Ben in goal played an awesome game, well deserved MOTM.
Dom attacking all the time, all over the opposition never let up, great football. Ben P (captain) continued to make the moves and winning the ball back every time, the match was played with heart from start to finish.


27/10/2012 - EMJFL
reddish villa A 1 VS 2 Delamere Rangers A
Man of the Match: Caelan
Goals Scored By: Cody
dissapointing game for the A team, the switch to first game wasn't a good one, but you need to remain in attack all the time.


20/10/2012 - primary cup
hough end b 1 VS 5 reddish villa b
Man of the Match: Tommy + Dominic
Goals Scored By: Oliver 2, Zac, Huey + Aj
Enjoyable game from start to finish, played a good game, moving the ball and getting it to where it needed to be, supersub Huey, came on to attack and attack he did getting his first goal for us, well played boys.


20/10/2012 - primary cup
hough end a 0 VS 8 reddish villa a
Man of the Match: Billy + Isaac
Goals Scored By: Billy 2, Isaac 2, Cody 2, Daz + Kaneo
Great performance by the all.


06/10/2012 - EMJFL
Reddish A 3 VS 0 Staylbridge A
Man of the Match: Birdy & Kaneo
Goals Scored By: Kaneo 1 Cealan 1 & Cody 1
Fabulous football, everyone played the ball, moving the ball, getting to it first, great football and what a result. Birdy played with real determination to be the first at it and he deserved MOTM, well done to all the team, Huey was in a different class today, improving all the time, Isaac is really coming strong now all the boys are playing well as a team.


06/10/2012 - EMJFL
Reddish B 3 VS 0 Staylbridge B
Man of the Match: Aj & Mogo
Goals Scored By: Aj 3
Cracking football match, Aj playing with more gusto and determination than ever. Mogo getting to the ball and knowing just what to do next, playing a great defensive game well done. All the boys played extremly well today.


22/09/2012 - EMjfl
Reddish Villa A 0 VS 2 Vipers
Man of the Match: Addz & Caelan
Goals Scored By: Vipers
Best game I've seen in ages, played great football, very hard lines on the score, plenty of shots at goal, it just wasn't happening today, but a great match.


22/09/2012 - EMjfl
Reddish Villa B 3 VS 1 Vipers
Man of the Match: Ben P & Zak
Goals Scored By: 2 goals to Zak and 1 to AJ
Cracking goals lads, Aj getting better at control, and keeping eyes on the ball, Zak was determined battled on and got 2. Well done.


15/09/2012 - EMjfl
Reddish Villa B 3 VS 2 Marple B
Man of the Match: Dom & Zac
Goals Scored By: Zac, AJ & Oli
great opening game well played and won


15/09/2012 - league
villa a 4 VS 0 marple a
Man of the Match: birdy and daz
Goals Scored By: daz 3 cody1
another good performance,at times the football was great to watch and they worked hard throughout the 40 minutes.fingers crossed they carry on the good start they have made.well done boys.


10/12/2011 - league
villa a 2 VS 1 corinthians a
Man of the Match: caelan and billy
Goals Scored By: caelan1 billy1
awsome display by the a team,the 1st time we have beaten corinthians ateam.they never let the opposition settle on the ball and when we had it never gave it away.a great win against arguably the best ateam in the league.well done boys.


10/12/2011 - league
villa b 5 VS 0 corinthiansb
Man of the Match: woody and kano
Goals Scored By: woody4 kano1
a wonderful display by the team,they were 1st to every ball ,finished every chance they had and won every ball.all this against 1 of the tpo teams in the league,the boys should be very proud of themselves.


26/11/2011 - league
villa a 1 VS 3 delamere a
Man of the Match: caelan and alic
Goals Scored By: alic
the lads played well,cant belive we lost this game.just need to defend more as a team.well done boys.


26/11/2011 - league
villa b 3 VS 1 delamere b
Man of the Match: daz and mogo
Goals Scored By: woody2 big ben 1
fantastic display.great football played also a great defensive display .well done boys.


19/11/2011 - league
villa b 2 VS 3 glossopb
Man of the Match: ads and daz
Goals Scored By: big ben1 daz1
i was very proud of the boys and the performance today,a great start to the game saw us go 2-0 up.they battled through out and were only outdone by having no subs,the 6 lads fought to the end but there legs just gave way and we conceded 3 goals.dont be dissapointed boys it was a great effort well done.


19/11/2011 - league
villa a 2 VS 1 glossop a
Man of the Match: caelan and kane
Goals Scored By: caelan2
a good solid display by the boys,they did exactly what we asked of them.defended great throughout the game,through there bodies at the ball when needed chased the ball down and rarely gave it away.2 really well worked goals and 2 good finishes topped off a great display ,well done boys.


15/10/2011 - primary cup
villa a 0 VS 3 marple a
Man of the Match: caelan and mogo
Goals Scored By:
a bad 1st half cost us the game,in the 2nd half we regrouped only to concede with the last kick of the game.we eventually lost 3-2 on pens,boys we must concentrate for the full 30mins but unlucky.


15/10/2011 - primary cup
villa b 4 VS 1 marple b
Man of the Match: nath and daz
Goals Scored By: big ben2 nath 1 woody1
performance of the season,battled ,defended,attacked as a team.from start to finish they were all excellent,well done boys you were fantastic.


08/10/2011 - league
villa a 1 VS vipers
Man of the Match: nick and birdy
Goals Scored By: birdy
like the bteam an awsome performance,we matched vipers punch for punch and when things got rough the boys didnt shirk.some great football played and with a bit more composure in front of goal we could have won it which would have been well deserved.well done boys now lets get hold of marple in the primary cup n sat and do the same.


08/10/2011 - league
villa b 1 VS 1 vipers
Man of the Match: nathan and big ben
Goals Scored By: nathan
a great result against a team who destroyed us last year the boys battled to the last,we are now playing as a team.the parents should be very proud and i think this result justifies us staying in the top division,well done boys im a very proud manager.


01/10/2011 - league
villa a 9 VS 1 reddish vulcans
Man of the Match: caelan and billy
Goals Scored By: caelan3 alic3 billy2 og1
fantastic performance by the lads,the football played through out the game by them was different class.great to have players scoring goals from all over the pitch and the understanding between them is getting better every game.these boys have it tough every week because there playing against some of the best players in the north west of england but the never give up.well done boys


01/10/2011 - league
villa b 3 VS 0 reddish vulcans
Man of the Match: little ben and nathan
Goals Scored By: woody 3
a great performance by the boys from the goalkeeper to the striker,woody took his goals well with nathan the driving force in and little ben were great at the back again,wll done to the boys.


24/09/2011 - primary cup
villa a 8 VS 0 avro
Man of the Match: caelan and alic
Goals Scored By: caelan 4 alic 3 kane 1
again a great performance passing was great and matched avro when it became physical well done boys


24/09/2011 - primary cup
villa b 3 VS 0 avro
Man of the Match: nathan and woody
Goals Scored By: nathan 1 woody 2
a great performance by the boys and a well deserved well done boys.


10/09/2011 - league
villa b 0 VS 3 marple
Man of the Match: dharrel and nick
Goals Scored By:
dissapointing result


10/09/2011 - league
villa a 0 VS 5 marple
Man of the Match: caelan and kane
Goals Scored By: